Garbage Gripper!

They discontinued the trash bag that hugged the container and would keep the bags up.  When I found the [Grippers] in my Hy-Vee, I bought the package.  So simple, so effective, I am getting more and sharing the news!  Ann.

Makes a great belt! I was in a devil costume for Halloween and the pants were way too big, so I used a Gripper as a belt! Came in so handy!
                                                                                                                        Robert W., Elk Grove, CA

I use the Grippers to keep my foil on bowls! Works great!

A Gripper Fan!

I was having all sorts of trouble with my new shower head, and keeping my shower caddy up ... I was going to go to the hardware store for some sort of clamp until I thought .. hey! How about a Gripper??     

Lori M., Sacramento, CA


While we all know that the Grippers have so many amazing uses, please remember to use common sense. They are not for children's use.


I carry a Garbage Gripper in my camera bag; I wouldn't be without one. As a professional photographer, I often have to improvise on a shoot. I've used them on models' clothes to make them fit, to tether tripods to trees for stability in uneven terrain, and a ton of other ways. I love them! I just wish they came in black to match my gear!

Jill Buhler, Studio J, Port Townsend, WA