While we all know that the Grippers have so many amazing uses, please remember to use common sense.

They are not for children's use.

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The famous value pack, seen above,  contains 6 bands! Three small bands, and three large bands.  You just can't have enough Grippers!

Our Garbage Gripperthree pack contains two small bands and one large band.

Garbage Grippers are available in most major locations across the nation, hanging near garbage bags or garbage cans, as well as in the pet area for the Litter Gripper!

You can find them at  Ace Hardware,   and Do it Best!     If for some crazy reason you are unable to find the Grippers at either of these locations, please let them know so that they may stock them up for you!

No time to get to a retail location? No problem!! You can find the 2 Pack, 3 Pack, 6 Packand Litter Grippers ‚Äčall on Amazon!  We have authorized both  Amazon  and Monet Enterprise LLC  as your Online Retailers of our products.

The Garbage Gripper two pack contains one small band and one large band!

Garbage Gripper!

And don't forget your cats! The Litter Gripper is perfect for cat boxes -- this pack contains two large bands to fit  all sizes of cat boxes!